No really, I don't care about your kid

I've dated a chick with a kid before, I understand the mother's mentality. If I had a child, I would most likely never want to leave it's side and be all gushy about it myself. Having a kid is the #1 goal to have for most people living out there, and I'm proud of you for doing so.

However, I think the line needs to be drawn when you're putting 5 out of 6 profile pictures as close ups of your baby. Seriously, all babies look the same. All of them. As long as your baby doesn't have some sort of major deformity (which I certainly hope they don't!) it's going to look the same as any other baby to the average lay-online dater.

Putting the first 6 paragraphs of your profile as a poetic essay on how much your baby is "your world" isn't helping matters either, but everyone knows that all men do is check your pictures and then leave.


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