No really, I don't care about your kid

I've dated a chick with a kid before, I understand the mother's mentality. If I had a child, I would most likely never want to leave it's side and be all gushy about it myself. Having a kid is the #1 goal to have for most people living out there, and I'm proud of you for doing so.

However, I think the line needs to be drawn when you're putting 5 out of 6 profile pictures as close ups of your baby. Seriously, all babies look the same. All of them. As long as your baby doesn't have some sort of major deformity (which I certainly hope they don't!) it's going to look the same as any other baby to the average lay-online dater.

Putting the first 6 paragraphs of your profile as a poetic essay on how much your baby is "your world" isn't helping matters either, but everyone knows that all men do is check your pictures and then leave.



Oh yeah, you people are hilarious


(I warn you, I'll never run out of "I'd ___ your ___ if you know what I mean!" jokes in response!)

Holy what the!

Apparently I'm actually getting some people reading this now. When did that happen? Seriously, I must have email comments turned off because I didn't even notice there were actually comments under some of these!

Also, after receiving an email the other day, I must reiterate as it says in the footer: To anyone who may be directed here from OKcupid and perhaps might be mentioned on this blog, I mean no ill will towards you, I'm simply a middleman for the lulz.

Fail thread of the day: Olympics Edition!


There's so many beaver jokes I could make here, it's not even funny. Seriously, so many. And in several different meanings of the word "beaver" as well, it's great.

Sadly, he's just talking about how the Canadians beat the US in hockey, but still, I like the idea of somebody suggesting that we should try and build a wall around Canada to keep all the water from getting out.

And preferably from allowing Nickelback out again as well.