I got a wink a few days ago, how does one respond to that?

A wink basically is a cheap-ass way to start an OKCupid conversation because all it does is send a "YOU GOT WINK'D" message to the person in question. Most women have disclaimers on their profile saying they won't respond to winks. I can now see why.

I could try and start a conversation, but what about? "Hey, I noticed you winked at me. Nice boobs?" Usually on OKcupid I prefer to start conversations (and get conversation starters) about a topic that I or she is interested in based on reading the profiles. Where to go with a wink though? "Hey, I notice you winked at me. I too have working eyelids capable of blinking one at a time."

I could always wink back, but winking back might just start a horrible chain reaction where we wink at each other 27 times before one of us either gets bored or rage quits OKcupid. Isn't that the course of action in real life though? When a person winks at you do you immediately walk over and start talking about how nice their breasts look that particular day? (I might do that, but we're not talking about me.)

They might as well call the wink button the "I have no social skills and do not feel that you are attractive enough to actually engage directly, even with a crap-ass message like 'hi, ur hawt'" button.


  1. I have a funny response for winks. Message me, I'll send it to you.

  2. Can't pass up an opportunity like that!