People on OKcupid aren't funny

Every single person on OKcupid seems to think they're a comedian in the making. Similar to how everyone on 4chan seems to think they're hilarious, except people seem to tolerate failure at humor better on the Cupid forums. Every single thread has a smattering of incredibly unfunny, head shaking jokes that embarrass you to look at.

After seeing this thread in which the funniest thing is the barely funny thread title... I'd say this is a perfect example. A joke about sex in high school that both missed the point of the thread title and went on about 3 sentences too long... And a Clinton joke. When did Jay Leno join OKcupid?


A quick observation

I've noticed that just about every woman whose username mentions their eyes is a fat chick.

Perhaps they don't want us looking anywhere else lest we run?


Blubber gets me hard

Seriously now, why?

Why do half the fat chicks on OKCupid feel the need to act as though they are getting every and any man they desire and are automatically better than anyone? I've seen MEN on OKcupid I'd rather take on a date than most of these fat chicks. And yet they always post themselves in "sexy" positions (sexy of course meaning "showing more pale cellulite") and talk about how they're too good for us men.

The most recent example of this I've found.

Don't get so stiff indeed.

I would, but I prefer my women to have their breasts protruding out FARTHER from their body than their stomachs.

I could write a whole separate BOOK on her profile. My favorite 3 parts:

1. She appears to think she's Korean enough to go by an asian name.
2. She freely admits to being a musician... and being deaf. That's a combination that always works!
3. The best part: She claims that men seem to want her as nothing but a sex toy... and then admits to being a virgin.

No seriously, what the fuck man.