Yeah, and World War I contained "a little death."

I hate double standards, I really do. I dislike when overweight people expect only the best, brightest and hottest of men/women to come to them and start drooling all over themselves. (*cough*) I certainly don't expect Elisha Cuthbert to show up at my door and swoon all over me with the shape I'm in.

So this thread got me thinking.

It's basically a girl asking why hot sexy men don't like her. Considering how often I see men that aren't overweight at all but not RIPPED get rejected by women with "a little meat" I think this qualifies as a stupid double standard. Especially since her "little bit of meat" constitutes about 30 prime rib dinners for two.

Yeah. Starlitdragon subsiquently got ripped to shreds by comments in the thread about her definition of little.

And of course I'm sure there were some premature ejaculation jokes somewhere in there.

Starlit never posted in the thread again and it wound up turning into a very unlulzy conversation about the difference between fat and curvy women.

Tune in for our next post when we prove that men can be retards as well!

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