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I never actually remember joining OKcupid, I assume I did it to take a quiz or something a long time ago and forgot about it. A couple months after that I got an email informing me that my profile was suspiciously empty, and my adventures on OKC began!

Back on November 18th 2008, I met a girl on OKcupid and we had a long, interesting conversation about... uh, I think fast food. Eventually we got to talking about the forums, which as all OKcupid users know is a wonderful cesspool (of love!) of awful spelling, stupidity, and premature ejaculation jokes.

Mostly the premature ejaculation jokes though.

Anyway, she and I noticed a particular hilarious poster named carcypher who couldn't spell, seemed to be immune to criticism and hatred, and also happened to look like this;


We found this premise hilarious and decided to start a blog called 10 points off for Spelling to chronicle the adventures of our new friend and other incredibly dumb OKcupid posts we happened to find.

Well, soon after that she met an IRL boyfriend and carcypher quit OKcupid, which pretty much killed our blog in one easy step. So for several long months the blog and the interesting idea behind it laid dead in the ditch of broken internet promises. (Poetic!)

My old co-author may be long gone - we haven't spoken since the blog died off - but I'm still here, dammit! This blog is my attempt to chronicle the hilarity and immense stupidity that can take place within the hallowed halls of the OKcupid forums... and maybe some journals or rather bad profiles along the way? You never know!

We're Looking for Love, and Searching for Spellcheck. Let's get this trainwreck started.

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