ur hot lets do it

This is more OKStupid's territory, but I never receive messages (Guys on OKcupid rarely seem to) so this was a very... strange development.

I am not an incredibly attractive person, I'll say that plainly and out loud. If I was a chick, I totally wouldn't bang me.

Now, this was from a woman that I viewed several days before, who actually looked pretty attractive. Thus I figured it would be another one of the usual cases of me looking at her and us never crossing paths again. Plus 80% of all messages I receive are just OKcupid updates from the developers.

So imagine my surprise when I look in my inbox and see this;

I saw you viewed my profile, you look pretty sexy!

How am I supposed to even respond to that? Do I go along with her and pretend that I AM sexy, (despite all physical evidence) or am I supposed to just let her know right off the bat that she's obviously forgotten her glasses or something?

I'm considering just assuming she's a spambot and going on with my life.

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