Surfers from Cali know ALL ABOUT the third world.

In our previous post I chronicled the adventures of one StarlitDragon823 and her questions on why hot sexy men didn't want to have her in the sack. I think it's a pretty good example of when Women think too highly of themselves.

But I am nothing if not fair, so here we go the other way. This is the work of a guy named Ethe, who saw the word 'meat' and decided this was a perfect time to unleash the ocean of fury he had against overweight people.

Fuck you fatties.

You know why I hate fat people? It's not cause they're fat, it's cause they have no self discipline. They either eat too much, or they work out too little.

Either way, the rest of their life is riddled with other evidence of a lack of self-discipline.

I don't hate you cause you're fat, I hate you cause your fat is a testament to your inability to apply the most basic maintenance and self-discipline to your own life.

If you can't take care of your body, then I have severe doubts about your ability to take care of other necessities, like a checking account, a house, a relationship, a pet.


It's obvious that he probably doesn't associate or know anything about fat people because most people know that totally isn't how getting fat works 100% of the time.

He was completely showed up by just about everyone else in the thread because of his idiocy, but unlike Starlit, ETHE FIGHTS BACK.

Nope, fuck your excuses.

We've got entire countries of depressed people. Entire populations that fear for their lives, their livelihoods, people that mope day in and out because they see no future.

These people are in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia. You see fatties there? Nope, no sympathy for your clinical "depression". Somehow your problems are so much greater then people that have resolved to a life that has no fucking future?

People fucking blow themselves up in markets because they can't possibly see a better future for themselves in this world, but they're not fat.

But you, somehow you are more depressed then these people, at the extremes of humanity, and as a result it explains your rotundness?

Give me a fucking break. Your depression excuse is the most pathetic cop out. Anyone in any third world nation would be rolling their eyes at you every time you waved your doctor's "clinical depression" note.

There is not a facepalm in the world big enough for this idiot.

Just saying, no matter how oversighted a member of the other gender is, there's always one on your side that's even dumber.

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