Must love dogs, not be on probation

I never really check the journals on OKcupid, usually they're just random shit that could easily pass for Facebook updates... if Facebook allowed paragraph-long updates.

So, I finally decided to look around the place and I saw a journal entry by one Purplepawneater. Apparently some chick didn't like his profile and messaged him things such as this;
“by far the most disgusting profile I have ever wasted 3 seconds reading..I hope your life is very short"
I was going to roll my eyes and laugh it off until I actually decided to read his profile.

Possibly the greatest profile in the history of anything.

I laughed for an hour while reading that, and I think OKcupid needs more shit like this to keep it hilarious and serious. That's right, serious. The dumber the website gets, the easier it is to be loose and no longer... TOTAL INTERNET SRS.

You know, like this woman.

That's BanjoRose, who according to her very appropriate and tasteful profile, enjoys reading, sewing, the desert, flea markets and making soupzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, sorry, must have dozed off there.

Jesus in hell, that profile has to be the exact opposite of our friend Purple's.

A date with this woman sounds like a good excuse to catch up on your sleep.

And feel free to check out those photos of her, because that far away, photoshopped to hell shot she's got as her default is just a weeeee bit misleading. How on earth does she get off sending nasty messages (that are almost DEATH threats!) to someone on the internet having a little fun?

...And I have to wonder, why on earth would you send threats to a guy claiming to be a convicted heartless criminal?

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