LGBTQKKK (AKA the Random sequence of Letters post!)

All right, first order of business. I have no idea why this topic was in the LGBTQRWCNB(seriously, how many letters do they need) forum. In fact, I scanned the front page of the LGBTQ forums and found one topic actually about the subject, which was asking people their favorite gay movie.

Anyway, I saw this topic; Sad day for the KKK.

That's one way to pique my interest!

It was just a news article about how the White population will probably be a minority in the USA by 2050. As pointed out, this should actually be a happy day for the KKK since the number USED TO BE 2043. But that's not the point.

The point is that it's really really funny when people don't understand sarcasm, especially when they take sarcasm as racism.

And lash out about it hilariously. Ladies and gentlemen, SoCalSinger!

i needed to voice my opinion.. then i will most likely berate this thread with lots of negative comments.. most directed towards the OP

like only a dumb racist bitch would give a fuck about the happenings of the kkk. this country is not the same as back in the day. the president is black, get the fuck used to it


Why's her name SoCalSinger if she lives in Brooklyn?

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  1. funny how you couldnt comment on a thread but you go here to vent.. cowardly much?
    anywho, if you cared to view that thread further, you will see the OP had to clarify what she actually meant, as the title could have been misconstrued, as pretty much everyone did. anywho, your blog sucks as much dick as you look like you do. good thing people actually care about what i think and let me know about dumb shit like this.

    ps, read my profile, i moved to broolyn from LA. jeez talk about the stupid commenting on things they dont understand.