Go back to bed, Grandma.

The success-failure forum is the best cesspool of failure on OKcupid hands down, it's THE place to go when you want to hear debates between fat women and "nice guys". This post by Inuits is one of the other cliches, bitching about old people hitting on you.

Apparently the old people don't enjoy getting bitched at in that way.

So here's the response from one Comosay;
What I think is pathetic is 20 somethings that have to rely on a dating site to get a date. My kids are 21 and 22 and when they see me on here, they look at the young one's and go... " Man, that's lame".
Comosay is both incredibly old and incredibly not funny. I think I'll let the rest of the comments speak for themselves...
It's not that I 'have' to rely on a dating site.. But then again I don't see why an overweight divorcee is calling someone else lame... I think your current status entails you've fucked up quite enough in life... Don't push your failures onto the internet.
Comosay, don't you mean your great great grandkids?
Yeah. Sadly, eventually people started DEFENDING the old bitch.

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