Hot chicks want my Wii?

First of all, a late happy holidays to any of the 6 people that read this. (And I'm probably overshooting on the 6)

Second of all, I would like to point out that the post I'm currently linking to is incredibly old, from Feb. of 2009. I'm only linking to something so old because it's fuckin' hilarious.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post...

I don't really understand video game obsession. I love video games and the internet and whatnot, but I'd much rather be outside or in a bar or something than stuck in some dingy room playing Super Smash Brothers. This goes with or without a girlfriend. If my girlfriend was obsessed with video games I'd probably not get along with her, since I like, you know, the sun.

Regardless, some guys are actually convinced that if they can find a pale young woman who loves games just as much as they do, their lives will be complete! Sadly, most girls that fit that category are (unsurprisingly) the same type as the guys who fit it. Pale and unattractive.

Gamer Girls that aren't obese or ugly, Speak up!

Oh hey look, an incredibly pale overly skinny dude with acne all over his face.

Immediately he was shat on by attractive people telling him that naturally, fat and unattractive women should probably be what his love ceiling should look like. The post would be fine... but Myst decided to fight back.

Gentlemen, your personal opinions of me are based solely upon the the photographs of me in my profile and the posts I have made in this forum. Furthermore, you are behind a fence formed by the internet that bars you from me and it is due to this fence that you may say that I would only be attractive to these "Fat chicks". Taken in any other context or medium, your comments would be radically different from the ones you posted. As for the primate, I agree with his views.

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