But NOT too hot to rot, I hope.

If you happened to read the original 10PofS blog we posted about a wonderful example of insanity named 2hawt2trawt. Shortly before our blog died she disappeared off the face of OKcupid much to the delight of everyone who actually ever spoke to her, online or otherwise.

I urge you to please read the original blog here so you can see some of the original hilarity she started.

Anyway, a topic was recently started in the Success-Failure forum:
FAIL: Plenty of Fish is run by a Nazi
I wouldn't really know, I only used PoF for a short time and left when I realized it basically had all the same people in my area from OKcupid, with less features and shit. (Although 'hey, aren't you from OKcupid' was a decent conversation starter!)

Normally just ranting about another dating site isn't very funny, but our old friend 2hawt2trawt just happens to have rejoined OKcupid... And we're happy to report she hasn't changed a bit!

Now sporting the new name Im2hot2trot, (I still have no fucking clue what that means!) she's changed her hair color and I think actually GAINED weight. Guess that gym membership finally expired.

I urge you, read that profile. Really, you must read that damn profile to learn about our friend. And really, who wouldn't find this the hottest thing on two legs.

Unfortunately (Fortunately?) she didn't have any full body shots this time around, but her profile is almost exactly the same, right up to her distaste for dogs, cats, children and pale white men.

The best new line in her profile:

Also, do not, and I repeat DO NOT send me a "Welcome to OKcupid" message. I am not new, and I said that in my about me section. If you do send me a message like this, not only will I block you, but I'll mark you as "dead to me" and you lost any chance of ever taking me out. Play your cards right and don't be a fucking fool.

I sent her three just to make sure.

Back to the topic at hand!

So in the midst of talking about how the OP was kicked off of Plenty of Fish, 2hawt came in with her usual chicken nuggets of wisdom;
I don't think anyone would care that much if they were rejected by your ugly, underbite mug. Maybe they deleted you because of your horrendous underbite?
Sadly nobody responded except the OP who told her to shut her pie hole (which is probably more appropriate than 2hawt would care to admit) and she stopped there. Shame, there was potential for some hawt flame action in there!

Although eventually the topic changed to a debate on Neo-Nazism, so which result is better is up in the air!

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